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Registration Questions

When attempting to purchase and start the course, the page gives me a prompt that the payment is invalid.

  • To avoid any confusion in the system, be sure to put the billing address for the credit or debit card into the address field.

Course Questions

1. Each team can pick a different charity for the fundraising event, so does that mean students aren’t raising money for Clean the World?

  • The student teams will still be fundraising on behalf of Clean the World. The money raised will be used to order hygiene kit supplies for the event. For one of the modules, students will send Clean the World an order form with the number of kits they want. Then, Clean the World will ship each team the unassembled supplies for their build. The students will build the hygiene kits and they can then donate these kits to the charity of their choice (homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, etc).

2. How exactly will the fundraising be implemented? Will the teams be raising money online – and if so, is there a specific online platform they have to use?

  • Raising money is really easy! Students can send individuals or businesses to the following site ( or can simply pass out the form provided in Module 5. Please make sure that the forms include the student name, professor name, and course name. This will allow Clean the World to keep track of funds. Of course, students can also accept cash or checks and can send these in advance of their kit order. Throughout the course, professors will be provided with weekly updates on fundraising totals and records of student progression in the course.

3. I see that at the end of Module 1 there is an assessment document that students have to fill out and email to the professor. Is there such assessment at the end of each module?

  • Yes, there is an assessment for each module throughout the course. Professors are provided with answer keys to accompany the assessments in the faculty guide.

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