An Online Learning Project with a Life-Changing Mission

Social Entrepreneurship Experiential Program (SEEP) powered by Clean the World. Real-world impact is just a course away.

Actionable Training

Get hands on experience from leaders in social entrepreneurship.

Premium Material

Challenging and thought-provoking coursework coupled with interactive tools made to help you succeed.

Measurable Impact

Plan and execute a real-world project for the benefit of a local non-profit organization of your choosing.

Learn, Grow, Impact.

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Social Entrepreneurship Experiential Program (SEEP) at Home


Social Entrepreneurship Experiential Program (SEEP) at Home – Preview

Colleges and Universities

Some of the higher learning institutions that have selected Clean the World Academy for online learning:

You’re the Change We See in the World

Times are changing, and so are you! Whether you’re looking to expand on your current knowledge or expand into different sectors, we’re here to support you.

Have the ability to complete a course at your own pace, furthering your independence as a student and a professional.

Our courses build off of the skills you already have so you can work smarter, not harder. Growing your repertoire of knowledge and preparing you for your next endeavor is what it’s all about.

SEEP is a unique online experiential learning program that guides student teams through ten modules as they learn about social entrepreneurship as they engage in classwork that changes the world around them.

Online experiential learning project
with a life-changing mission

At Clean the World Academy, you’ll be immersed into the world of social entrepreneurship. A world where corporate social responsibility is met with a roadmap to sustainable change. A world where students are empowered and equipped to change the world around them one course completion at a time.

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